I’m finished! I’ll summarize the rest of this page by saying that I finished my courses and board exams to be a licensed massage therapist. So, if you need a massage, I’m your gal. Generally speaking, the learning was for my own well-being; I’m keeping up with the license, but I’m not treating it as a business. Come give my fingers some practice.





To reiterate what I’ve already stated under “news,” I’ll simply say that I’m several months into a two year massage program that I’m hoping to finish at the beginning of 2013. Until then, I need to practice a whole bunch and need willing participants who don’t mind me using their bodies as my canvas for learning. So far I’m getting good grades and I’ve had positive, healing feedback, so if you’re willing, I can promise to give you only my best and will go to great lengths to make you feel your best!


Below are brochure-type images that add insight to what I’ve already said. For the most part, I created the brochure in order to give anyone interested in coming a good idea of the time it takes to do each massage–simply for planning purposes.



































































































Besides learning massage routines and the anatomy and physiology of the body, we’ve also touched on some of the benefits of massage therapy.


For your reference, here are some of the many:

reduces stress 
increases circulation 
increases nutrient flow in tissues 
lowers blood pressure (for approximately 40 minutes after massage) 
increases cellular waste product elimination 
breaks down adhesions (scar tissues) 
promotes better athletic performance & post-event recovery 
reduces depression (by increasing serotonin & dopamine levels) 
promotes better health in recovering anorexic & bulimic individuals 
balances muscular and skeletal system (posture) 
changes alpha, beta, & delta brain wave activity (meditative states) 
lengthens and widens muscles 
decreases pain and trigger points 
calms nervous system 
increases parasympathetic activity 
reduces cortisol and norepinephrine levels (stress hormones) 
promotes better digestion and elimination 
increases red blood cells and increases oxygen to tissues 
increases mineral retention in bones 
helps care for fibromyalgia 
improves mental acuity, concentration, and memory 
helps premature infants gain weight 
stimulates and soothes nervous system 
increases energy levels 
balances internal organ energy 
increases immunity 
increases speed of tissue repair 
helps insomnia 
reduces edema (fluid retention) 
helps tone weak muscles 
relaxes muscles 
promotes a release of “issues in the tissues” 
and so many more...

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