student gems

It’s almost December 2012 and I’m trying to start some sort of student blog. For now I’m just collecting, so I’ll add descriptions and more work and so forth soon.


I just want this to be at the top of the page because it never fails to make me laugh. Sean Roberts is amazing for creating these photo advertisements and Trevor Raab is amazing because he’s an extraordinary photographer, model, and skateboarder.



Olivia Curzi and _____________ designed this poster for a Diversity Fair at the high school. (Olivia–why can’t I think of who you collaborated on this with?) I thought it was extraordinary from the moment they showed me their sketches. Simple and effective.



I wish I had better images of single pieces of Matt’s work. Not only did Matt show a revealing portrait project of the custodians at Nazareth High, but he also had a giant photo taken while we were in Japan. He also completely constructed this set-up for display.




Adam Kirkessner created this book of stunning portraits of models in 2010. It should be in salons everywhere. Actually, he should be in salons everywhere.


Zach has since moved to a new website altogether, but this was his first. It’s a pretty sophisticated site for someone in high school. But then again, he’s a pretty sophisticated artist.



Frank made this crazy installation way back in 2006? It’s a bunch of found objects lighting and holding layered transparencies that he took. The layers were vibrant and hilarious and formally spectacular.



Another Martin Guitar logo that I loved. Robert Hammond on bass.



I think this might have been from my very first Fine Art Design class. Martin Guitar sponsored a logo contest that Charles Blanchard and a few others entered.



I’ve had a few people try color pinhole images, but the elusive nature of this pieces is still my favorite. If you’re the artist, remind me of who you are!











Lauren Fatzinger’s tree of life for an orange. What could have been more hilarious? What could have required more work? What could have been more brilliant?



Faye collaborated with a whole host of people for this piece that started as a simple cyanotype. Like a few others, I could have included several things that she made. This was one thing she began at the beginning of the year and ended at the end of the year!





This actually goes back long enough that I’m afraid to put a year down. Erin Gordon did some extraordinary work with infrared film. This was one, but there was an entire series that I loved of nude clown photos of a certain beautiful girl who is now a distinguished pilot.



You know how sometimes you just want a really large mat? Well, Kristen used entire pieces of mat board to display tiny photographs that she embellished by watercoloring a bit of a fictional landscape onto the large white frame around her work.



Of course I love this. It’s a rather feminist approach to the photogram. I could show a whole bunch of work by Kristen Bennett, but I’ll stick to one or two.



Lauren wouldn’t even believe that I still consider this one of the most interesting pieces of photography ever made in my Photo I class. It’s a messenger bag woven together with photographs (a layer of fabric inside keeps it pretty solidly together). The concept was consumerism and I thought it came together brilliantly.



Robert Hammond made this simple, yet beautiful book about his friend Lew. This is the cover and, from my point of view, the most beautiful photo in the book.



I should have kept these in order.
This is also Michelle’s work. It was one of the most beautiful books ever made under my care. She designed it completely on her own and filled it with beautiful collaborations.



I wish I could recount this scene a little better. I must have been standing feet from Mandee when she took this on our excursion to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It was an award-winning photograph along with a couple of others she took throughout the years.



A master of the Holga camera and so many other things, the one and only Zach Hartzell taking photos of one of his best models–who could also have work in this show–Sydney Taylor.



I have her artwork hanging everywhere in my house in the form of letters we’ve written back and forth over the past couple of years, so it’s strange to think back to the very first project she ever did in Photo I, a cyanotype on just one of many drawers of an old desk she probably still sits at. I wish I had images of other pieces she made because if this was her first, you can only imagine what came after that.



The premier adventurer, Michelle Bezik combined several of her adventures into a series of images that she put together digitally.



Callie Horwath did a whole bunch of things in Photo, but everyone remembered her for her button portrait.



So many people have stolen this idea since she did it. This is one of the first times I ever tried to teach someone about installation work. Lauren succeeded despite my floundering.

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